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We started TabLogs to change the game for the Geotechnical Engineering Industry. Our intuitive cloud-based borehole logging software removes a well know bottleneck within the Geotechnical Investigation process by generating finished graphical logs, on site, and in seconds.

This means no data entry time back in the office and the capability to provide professional borehole logs to your Client weeks before your nearest competitor. 

Founded by a Geotechnical Engineer, Tablogs realises the need for intuitive software solution that both drillers and engineers can use to bridge the gap between onsite data collection and finished report ready borehole logs, site plans and sample registers. 

How it works


No Data Entry Errors

Gone are the days where finished logs need to be double and triple checked for typos. No Data Entry = No Errors 

Save Time and Money

Eliminate the need for laborious data entry back in the office. Have finished graphical logs ready for your client in seconds and weeks before competitors! 

Keep Connected

Senior engineers can use the TabLogs desktop application to view the real time progress of their site engineers and drillers

Automatic Site Plans

By recording your tablets GPS coordinates onsite, TabLogs can automatically create report-ready site plans at the click on button

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The TabLogs Saving

How much can TabLogs save you?

TabLogs understands geotechnical consultancy. Based on case studies of our clients, the Savings Calculator can determine how much value we can provide for your company. Give it a try!

Savings Calculator

If you currently produce 30 boreholes/week and spend 20 minutes producing each log, you will save:

500 hours, and $41,000 per annum

Our Clients

Tell us a little about you and we'll be in touch with a subscription that suits your business.

Apart from the 20 hours a week that it saves us, the biggest advantage is the structure that it gives our field guys and the engineers in the office.

Peter Elkington

Director - Pacific Geotech

The Pacific Geotech Story

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